Swapped Meaning


Swap Definition, To Exchange, Barter, Or Trade, As One Thing For Another: He Swapped His Wrist Watch For The Radio. See More.


Swap Definition Is – To Give In Trade : Barter. How To Use Swap In A Sentence.


1. To Trade Or Exchange (something Or Someone) For Another. Noun. 2. An Exchange.


1. To Trade Or Barter, As One Thing For Another. … 2. To Make An Exchange. N. … 3. An Exchange: He Got The Radio In A Swap. … Swap′per, N.


to Give Something And Be Given Something Else Instead: When You ve Finished Reading Your Book, And I ve Finished Mine, Can We Swap? We …


Definition of SWAP (verb): exchange something for something else; tell each other own experiences or ideas.


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